The team of the Hensel Trading GbR consists of Simon Hensel and Chonghua Guo as founders of the company. The company is completed by Cem Engin and Dr. Matthias Hensel.

The bundled competencies of all members within the Hensel Trading GbR has satisfied our clients all over the world.

Mr. Simon Hensel

Simon Hensel is one of the two founders and managing directors of the Hensel Trading Company. In his role he oversees the entire operational division of the company. Hereby, the organization of sourcing activities, international trade processing and consulting can be understood as his responsible business areas.

Throughout the past years Mr. Hensel has been able to develop a solid global network. He currently maintains an exclusive set of contacts, which enables the business to utilize these for the benefit of our clients globally.

Mr. Chonghua Guo

Chonghua Guo is a Chinese citizen and close friend of Mr. Hensel since more than 10 years.

Since 2012, Mr. Guo has been responsible for all communications with our clients in Asia. He is an expert of the Chinese domestic consumer goods market and was actively sourcing products for European companies in China since the founding of the company.

Mr. Guo originally comes from the regional area of Nanjing, China. His family is strongly involved in domestic business activities. Chonghua Guo has excellent market experience and valuable contacts of all kind. Due to his gained high level of education and his cultural background Mr. Guo is the ideal Co-Founder of the Hensel Trading Company.

Dr. Matthias Hensel

Dr. Matthias Hensel enriches the Hensel Trading Company with his 30 years of experience in international business management. Dr. Hensel is a senior advisor of the company. His networks reach into almost every segment of the German economy. He is involved into strategic planning and networking activities.